Anonymous Proxy Server

Uncensored and anonymous Internet access through VPN for only USD 9.95/month, Discounts for longer subscription.

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Secure vpn service

  • Browse securely and anonymously web sites (including HTTPS secure sites), visit and post in forums
  • Protect your Internet connections from monitoring and ISP service blocking
  • Secure email - any free webmail service can be used anonymously and secure with our service
  • Protect your P2P file sharing: Torrents, E-donkey, etc.
  • Send messages securely via ICQ, IRC, AIM, MSN, Yahoo, etc.
  • Upload files anonymously via FTP
  • Play online games without revealing your personal details
  • Use your favorite VoIP service without any restrictions
  • Download anonymously movies and music at BitTorrent network
  • Anonymous IP - hide IP address from hackers
  • Access the Internet with no content filtering
  • Secure your WiFi connection in hotels, airports, etc.
  • not sure the Anonymous proxy server service will work with your application? [Ask us a question . . . »]

Our service features

  • We use advanced VPN technology to encrypt and anonymize Internet activities
  • All internet protocols are supported - you will not be limited in activities
  • Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7, MacOS, Linux operating systems are supported
  • It will work through the WiFi connections, DSL, cable, GSM/GPRS/3G (cell phone with laptop), dial-up or satellite connections
  • It will bypass most firewalls, you may connect from behind a NAT firewall without opening your home/office network firewall
  • Free software VPN client provided - simple installation, turn on/off anonymity mode by one click
  • You may use built in VPN software (for Windows and MacOS platform) - no additional software installation will be required
  • No need to re-configure your browser or any other application that use Internet access to stay anonymous
  • No bandwidth limits, no download limits

How our service works

  • All you need is to make sure you are connected to the Internet (through your Internet Service Provider) and launch the special VPN application (can be downloaded free at our [Support . . . »] section). VPN application will establish an encrypted connection to our proxy servers. Once connected through the VPN your entire Internet traffic will be passed through the encrypted connection and a new IP will be provided so that any application installed on your computer will be using this new anonymous IP address to access the Internet.
  • Read our [FAQ . . . »] to learn more about it.


Unlimited secure Internet access through VPN proxy. Free software. No bandwidth limits.